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Indelibl is

A social commerce platform dedicated to promoting the works of black/african artists. We feature a range of products from original pieces of art to prints, t-shirts, books, and other art-print products. This range captures our mission to make art more accessible to people of all backgrounds and our vision to promote art as a lifestyle and not simply an object of consumption.

Our Value Proposition


We are committed to helping you discover the best in contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora.


To us art is nothing less than a human right; so we intend to make these works and the stories behind them as accessible as possible.


The wider your perspective on life, as in art, the richer your experience becomes. Indelibl gives you access to creative events (exhibitions, workshops, pop-ups) where you get to meet your favourite creatives and the wider Indelibl community.

Art With Purpose

Each purchase on Indelibl provides a young person with a cultural arts education through our annual art camp and other programmes at the Indelibl Kids Foundation.

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